Real Testimonial From a Real Contractor

If you were to ask Art Green, owner of Specialized Cleaning Contractors in Buena Park, California, what product he used for sealing concrete, he’d tell you that it’s RainguardPro Micro-Seal HD®. If you asked what he used to seal sidewalks, pavers, tilt-up and precast, he’d probably say the same thing. Although there might not be a “One-size-fits-all” solution to concrete sealing, according to Green, RainguardPro Micro-Seal HD® comes the closest. “I do quite a bit of architectural applications,” Green says, “And this is one product that you can use on them all. 

In an interview with Concrete Decor Magazine, the world’s foremost magazine for decorative concrete, Green also goes on to say “The proper prep of any substrate sets the foundation for a good project,”. He recommends Restore-N-Prep Masonry Restoration Detergent, also by RainguardPro. Since 1995 his primary focus involves just about anything that pertains to hardscapes, both concrete and masonry. Green goes on to mention that his other go to product is Efflorescence Blocker. “We use it in cases where moisture and salt come to the surface,” he continues. “Once we clean, we apply the blocker and it eliminates (efflorescence) from reoccurring on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. This is huge in any project, especially architectural ones.” 


(Above) Before and after Efflorescence Blocker.

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