VandlGuard® IsoFree®

In a world where the fragility of our ecosystems is recognized, RainguardPro has remained keenly aware of the need for safe, eco-friendly alternative coatings.  As a result of this, one of many, we've been transitioning away from the carcinogenic, environmentally hazardous traditional isocyanate polyurethane products for non-isocyanate ones that are not known to cause cancers, and which are known to be environmentally sound.

Our isofree technologies do not contain any known cancer causing ingredients, have no odor and provide a much stronger film while at the same time having incredible flexibility. VandlGuard® IsoFree® is one such product.  Non-isocyanate polyurethanes are the best alternative to the toxic and hazardous first generation isocyanate versions. Case in point, non-isocyanates are derived from renewable materials like cashew nut shells, and in one trial from sweet potatoes.  RainguardPro remains vigilant for other eco-friendly, green material, next generation options for polymers and coatings.

Coatings that are free of isocyanates are able to continue to balance hardness and flexibility as well as pot life and curing speed.  These coatings provide similar performance as original two-component polyurethane coatings, with the tremendous advantage of not reacting poorly with water.  The problematic issues with isocyanate based coatings in humid environments is alleviated.

VandlGuard® IsoFree® is the first isocyanate free two-component, high performance, zero-VOC, odorless, water-based, aliphatic polyurethane paint/coating. VandlGuard® IsoFree® Aliphatic Urethane 2K provides years of excellent protection against harsh weather conditions, UV exposure, corrosion, and graffiti. VandlGuard® IsoFree® is eligible for a warranty of up to 20 years of protection.

VandlGuard® IsoFree® is for use on both vertical and horizontal surfaces of concrete, wood, metal, plastic, stucco, stone, CMU and other masonry surfaces.. It’s chemical and acid resistant. It won’t yellow.  

Rainguard Pro has other non-isocyanate products available, as well:

Whiteboard Paint has IsoFree® technology, and is a two-component, high performance, eco-friendly, zero-VOC, odorless, water-based aliphatic polyurethane paint and dry erase coating that provides excellent adhesion and a durable surface for writing on with dry erase markers.  Whiteboard Paint is eligible for a warranty of up to two years.

Polyurethane HD is a two-component, high performance, zero-VOC, odorless, water-based, non-isocyanate aliphatic paint/coating. It provides years of excellent protection against harsh weather conditions, UV exposure, corrosion, physical damage, has elastomeric properties and acts as a breathable waterproofer. Polyurethane HD is eligible for a material warranty of up to 15 years of protection.

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