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VandlGuard IsoFree: Canoga Park, CA Graffiti Protection

Where: Canoga, CA

Project Type: Residential, Commercial

Surface Type: Painted Concrete

Products Used: VandlGuard IsoFree®

Contractor: N/A

Warranty: 15 Year Material Warranty

Canoga Park Apartments

VandlGuard IsoFree was used on this residential building to protect it against graffiti as well as to make cleaning and maintenance of the surfaces easier. It was applied on painted concrete walls and concrete planters placed in front of the building.

IMG_0615 (1)

IMG_0619 (1)VandlGuard IsoFree is a non-sacrificial aliphatic urethane that was tinted to match the paint used for this project. It is scratch resistant, provides UV protection, and is able to withstand a high cleaning frequency. VandlGuard IsoFree is so durable it can be cleaned with lacquer thinner, acetone, or VandlClean Super.

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VG-7041 VandlGuard IsoFree (1 Gal Kit) SATIN
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