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VandlGuard IsoFree: Graffiti Protection on Patricia Cadenas Mural

Where: Ventura, CA

Project Type: Mural, Public Art

Surface Type: Painted Metal

Products Used: VandlGuard IsoFree ®

Contractor: Patricia Cadenas

Warranty: 15 Year Material Warranty

City of Ventura Patricia Cadenas Sunset Flight Of The Blue Heron Mural VandlGuard IsoFree

The city of Ventura used VandlGuard IsoFree to protect muralist Patricia Cadenas artwork "Sunset Flight Of The Blue Heron" on these electrical boxes that were previously left uncoated. VandlGuard IsoFree will help keep the artwork from fading over time and protect it from weathering and graffiti by creating a clear barrier on top.


Pictured Above: Unfortunately the murals were left unprotected and graffiti was left on the top left of the mural. Once the graffiti was removed as much as possible with minimal damage to the artwork, it was coated with VandlGuard IsoFree to prevent any further damage.


VandlGuard IsoFree is a zero VOC, zero odor, and zero isocyanate aliphatic urethane coating designed to withstand approx. 150+ graffiti cleanings. Graffiti can be removed with acetone, lacquer thinner, or RainguardPro VandlClean Super and the coating will stay intact, protecting the artwork underneath.

Learn more about VandlGuard IsoFree by clicking the link below, or request a free sample here.

VG-7041 VandlGuard IsoFree (1 Gal Kit) SATIN
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