“Heaven on Earth” Mural At St. Catherine School



Protecting an investment on a mural shouldn’t be taken lightly. Hours spent by an artist on a mural can be ruined in moments by graffiti, meaning more money spent for the artist to come back and repaint the mural. Even the sun damages murals over time by slowly fading vibrant colors.

Artist Sally Harrison designed and painted a mural titled “Heaven on Earth” for the St. Catherine School located in Kapaa, Hawaii. Using vibrant colors to reflect Kauai’s island life and culture, Sally painted the mural as a gift to the children of the St. Catherine School. She wanted a coating that would protect the mural from graffiti damage and to make sure the vibrant colors stayed bright for years to come. However, Sally also wanted to make sure that she used a product that was non-toxic, since the mural was going to be on campus and around the children. To solve this problem, she used VandlGuard® Single-Part Urethane.

VandlGuard® Single-Part Urethane creates a clear non-sacrificial barrier that protects the mural from graffiti damage. Available in a High Gloss or Matte Finish, it is also formulated with a UV prohibitor to keep vibrant colors brighter for longer.  Used in conjunction with RainguardPro® Quick Cure allows for faster drying time and stronger adhesion.

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