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VandlClean Super: Graffiti Removal from Lisa Kelly Mural

Where: Los Angeles, CA

Project Type: Mural, Public Art

Surface Type: Painted Metal, Painted Concrete

Products Used: VandlGuard Original, VandlClean Super

Contractor: Lisa Kelly

Warranty: 10 Year Material Warranty

Muralist Lisa Kelly protected her mural using VandlGuard Original, and it's a good thing she did! The mural was tagged and she was able to safely remove the graffiti with VandlClean Super without damaging her mural or the coating protecting it.



VandlGuard Original is a non-sacrificial, water-based anti-graffiti coating that protects for up to 10 years (depending on the number of coats). Typically we recommend using a more durable coating such as MuralGuard or VandlGuard IsoFree for public art, and Lisa has since made the switch! This is because they are more durable, last longer, provide UV protection, and are able to withstand a higher cleaning frequency. 

The graffiti was removed with RainguardPro graffiti cleaner VandlClean Super. It is non-toxic and citrus-based, and will not damage the coating underneath! When using VandlGuard Original, it is important to only remove graffiti using VandlClean Super or consulting with a RainguardPro representative.

Learn more about VandlGuard Original and VandlClean Super by clicking the link below, or request a free sample here.

VG-7001 VandlGuard Original (1 Gal)
Learn more about VandlGuard Original
VG-7300 VandlClean Super (32 Oz)

Learn more about VandlClean Super


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